About Our Gardens

All of our designs contain flowers sourced from our personally owned flower gardens.

We Build to Order With Only the Freshest Flowers

We are recognized for the exceptional quality of fine flowers we produce. Our fresh cut flowers are hand selected and gathered for each wedding or event. We are proud to present you with the most fresh and beautiful arrangements to add a charming, garden feel to any of your events.

We currently offer bridal & bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, toss bouquets, flower crowns, table top arrangements, DIY bouquet bars, arbor pieces and others. Please contact me for more info regarding our floral designs.

The Process

Our flowers are cared for meticulously from the sowing of the seed to the day of harvest. We start seeds indoors as early as January. The seedlings grow with the help of heat mats and artificial light. This stage of growth is crucial, so the seedlings are carefully monitored several times a day.

When the weather is ideal, the seedlings are acclimated to the outdoor elements and planted permanently in our gardens.

All of our methods of care are organic, contributing to a safer flower for all who will interact with them. We carefully cover the flowers with netting or cloth when needed to avoid any damage or sun scorch.

The flowers are monitored daily. We want to provide top quality blooms so we carefully watch and harvest the flowers at the ideal stage of growth.

The environment we create for the flowers is also very inviting for pollinators. Our gardens are a protected home for several species of wildlife and we work alongside them all.

Why Choose Us

Grown From Seed

We ensure top quality flowers for your parties and events by growing them from seed ourselves.

Custom Everything

Every arrangement and bouquet is hand-cut and professionally assembled with care. 

Event Delivery

Outstanding customer service is at the top of our priorities. We Offer event delivery and set-up. 

“I buy local whenever I can. When I needed flowers for my daughter’s baby shower, I jumped online and found Anthea Gardens. I ended up with the most beautiful flowers in Michigan!”

Cindy M.

“I was asked to get flowers for a promotional event for work. I sent an inquiry and received an email the same day. I didn’t know what I needed but Alanna did. She took the lead and the flowers looked great.”
Charles A.

“My wedding flowers were worth every cent. I wanted real, beautiful flowers and that’s what I got. Thank you.”
Alice L.